For the first time the biker style inspires a luxury, elegant and generous fashion.For the first time the biker style inspires a luxury, elegant and generous fashion. Redemption Choppers, was born from a group of young Italians, surfing in the biker universe. Resulting in a fashion label with a very classical approach and bikes customised like pieces of art, where the sales go back to charities. A rebel brand that proves yet again that the rock chic trend is set to hit the street. Interview: Gabriele Moratti: The brand was born 4 years ago, by 3 partners, it’s people that we grew up together, we’ve known each other our whole lives, and the whole story comes from the man that builds these motorcycles. And we started the company to allow him to work on his creativity, and these amazing pieces. We produce, 2 or 3 motorcycles a year and they are all done by him and all handmade, they’re almost like pieces of art, and we decied to develop that into a fashion brand, because I personally always had a passion for fashion. What we always start with is that there are 2 ways you can get to the synthesis of ‘biker chic’, you can start with a woman that is already biker and try to make her chic, or you can start by a woman who is chic, and then can try and make her biker. So what we did was try to create a different kind of biker chic, we tried to re-imagine these women how they would dress if by any chance in life if they were to fall in love or be part of a type of biker movement. We wanted to do something that wasn’t too cartoonish, that wasn’t too obvious, we wanted to make something that was real, so I really think the first challenge for us is to be authentic and truthful for the woman that we want to dress and from the culture that we come from. We realised from the beginning that the quality of clothes, not only to compete in this market, but also to be truthful to this woman of elegance and sophistication, had to be at a very high level.